Family Support

A Healthy Community Starts with Healthy Families.

In order to achieve a better quality of life for our community members, the organization places an important focus on supporting families, developing healthy parent-child relationships, and building necessary life skills for youth. Living in difficult circumstances often perpetuates violence, mental illness, and stress on families. Many cannot afford for their kids to be in sports or extracurricular activities; many are dealing with grief from a death in the family; and many do not know how to create relationships with their kids. Often these circumstances can lead to young children joining gangs, perpetuating violence, or taking substances. Therefore, we offer many programs that target these families and alleviate these impacts.

Family Support

Families often deal with challenges as a unit, and thus, may need additional community support. Our family support programs include:

Crisis Intervention: Unfortunately, families may deal with times of grief or violence. We aid them during these dismal times with support and hope, giving personal guidance.

On-call Mentoring: Available for everyone’s home visits or phone calls, our team addresses any immediate concerns or events, including drug abuse, violence, trauma.

Parent Sessions: Many parents may be the only caretaker. in the household or became mother or fathers at an early age and had no resources to learn parenting or adulting skills. We offer group sessions for parents to learn these important skills, including ranging from healthy relationships with their children and budgeting with a small income.

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