COVID - 19

COVID-19 hit the world as hard as it hit our community. When families are already hurting under economic strain, a pandemic only adds increased pressure. Many people lost their jobs and sources of income, leaving them unable to afford basic necessities. Many felt isolated not only physically but mentally. And many did not know where to turn to for help.

To adapt to the safety guidelines and protect our community, we made a significant shift in our daily operations. Reach 4 Greatness shifted to an online modality, encouraging social connection between youth even under difficult circumstances. We came to the support of concerned senior centers, giving out food boxes and sending prayers their way. We listened to the calls of families in grief or in need of counsel, encouraging on-call mentoring. This was not a normal year for anyone, nor was it for Stay Focused. Yet, we continued our efforts in connecting with the community. [We never stopped] [opportunity to bring Christ into the homes and meet the emotional and spiritual needs of families]

Points of contact made between mentors and students
*over 10 weeks from May to July

1.46 million meals sent into community through various food distributions

Families have been contacted informing them of resources

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